So I guess we're NEAR-ly Published...

Just kidding, who would publish this? I'm lucky anyone even likes the post of me posting it on my twitter feed! But I digress, hello... NoOne. I know it's Sunday, how crazy is that? Last week I was a day too late, this one I'm a day too early. Though it is a poor recompense to be given more of the same nonsense, just sooner... so for that I apologize. Now that the formalities are out of the way, dear Nemo let's get into it shall we? The new year is kicking off a lot of news incoming from what now seems to be a more continuous two-pronged stream of novelties, rather than the usual howls and natural sounds of the Forest. Weirder still for me, these mutters and whispers are emerging from cities, in every corner of the contiguous United States. NxP is really trying to build up steam, and is roiling in its own think tanks and gathering places...bouncing ideas: literally from top bottom left right north south east west.

So far we must ask our branding expert to kick into high gear, while our events and public relations specialist has to extend olive branches to all the guilds we are going to be meeting up with(more on that later). We have our resident nft and community fanatic assembling our to-do list, and scouring his contacts to grease the cogs and gears of the transition; more time consuming than it may initially sound. Moi? Just writing nonsense to NoOne about what I see and hear, and telling you some stuff about some recording software I install and play with over time... more on that some other month.

NEAR forum has requested we post a charter with a mission statement and a projected future outline of our objectives as a DAO. I was requested to fulfill a mild embellishment and elaboration of the facts that I was presented with by the guild into more formal writing, then began to use the robust and extremely detailed documents I was given. This was done in order to use as a preponderance of data with which to cut as much excess as possible, to create a more fluid but centralized compilation of various different works.

I also attended a meeting in more recent news. This gave me the opportunity to witness many ideas being thrown about: nft, comic, music, air drops, real drops to match the air drops? Vague, so vague, yet so plentiful as to make the outside observer wonder. What precisely would be released first and how they would look? I had seen comic books and collectibles be released before, but I myself had never been a part of watching them be not only created but released and marketed! How they are going about all this is above my current pay grade, and I don't possess the specialization necessary to go into depth for it myself. With that in mind I will move on from that current topic; best to save it in order for my more in depth explanations for a later date, when I am more learned on these subjects.

Writing contests seem to be in the works as well, the group wishes to endorse public slam, poetry, and short story contests. This effort to not only increase awareness (obviously) but to encourage discourse, and interconnectivity between us and others as well as between otherwise disjoined peers appeared critical to growth. Here, the winner may be decided by groups of elected judges, peers, or maybe an egalitarian vote of the masses. I also conceptualized the idea that I had so many works and worthless novels that potentially interested parties could decide the fate of, or possibly even finish, my work. If you want I guess? I can't imagine why anyone would choose to want... but again, ideas.

So what happens now? Like most things I guess I wait and contribute, and then see from there... Chess moves on a board I choose to think I'm a player on, but really I'm a piece. But pieces can make it to the other side, become more...

What's next for us? Oh… I really don't know.

Guilds, I kept overhearing, would be the answer to our next step in growth. How fostering relationships with the many different ones across NEAR would be key not only to establishing credibility but presence in the ecosystem. That we would be introduced to these guilds as our use cases dictated, and ideally be granted access to personnel and expertise yielded by them. Wait... guilds, like Fairy Tail right? That's gotta be some relational similarity, it? Guilds are communities that make up the greater NEAR community. Each guild shares a specific vision and mission related to driving a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered word. So yeah in some ways, similar to the anime I have inked on my left arm...

Where do I go from here? Who am I if I'm not just a lich in the forest anymore?

How the hell do I have more questions than flipping answers?!... I guess I'll have to keep you more posted than once a week to find all these answers... in fact, that's another update as well. This two prong influx of new facts to force down your non existent throats will be coming from this DAO, it seems I was asked to volunteer but now i'm conscripted. But that's fine, I don't mind, I think... i'll get back to you on that as well...

And worse yet, I'm thinking of joining a very particular kind of University... but that is for a much much longer day from today. A much deeper dive of research to bring you.


Woodward Forest-Lich



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