NEAR to Recovering?

If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness — Anonymous, Spoken by Daniel Prado

I’m back, sorta. At least… I feel me feeling the first inches of it. Aristotle I believe theorized the conditions for change were simply to witness two opposed states of being. I wanted to drown in my own ineffectual results recently, I want to do something of substance now. I’m not sure what that is but even sitting still on my mattress typing this is leaving me more jitter-ridden than normal. That is saying something, my siblings can easily tell you I’m a generally restless person. The change in the wind is also a mild change in mind it feels as well; the bugs under my skin compel me toward pleasures and fun, traditionally. This time, I want to type, to train… alone. To pick up my ax(my acoustic guitar, not my hatchets) if only to remind myself of the few songs I do still know, or portions of them.

I can’t keep making excuses for sucking without acting; think less, do more. Qui Gon Jinn. Other appropriate references. Nemo, dont judge me but I truly feel a thing called drive. A drive maybe not for what I would normally turn to during harsher times, or maybe it’s me doing things to prevent me from having excuses for being the person I dislike in me. I’m a slacker, but I don’t want to slack on The Work. It’s been a long time since I spoke about the work with anything more than passing nostalgic fancy. But maybe it really is the only thing in the world worth having any energy or passion for. Sorry to all my living people that I love that are NOT the work, but I met it first. (lol)

OFP is one aspect of the work, believe it or not. It’s this not-inconsiderable factor that made me wish to give as much of my free time in the day as I can to them. I’ve always considered nature as divine, or at the very least worthy of respect in a person’s routine. A group that dedicates themself to representing the interest of the Green, as I dub it, is well worth cutting out some Xbox. Honestly, more often than not I feel like I have an overinflated title for what I perceive as being the equivalent of a fly on the wall. Or a glorified archivist with messenger duty on the side. I suppose that’s why I tend to seek out doing things like Quote of the Day; tagging the true Jedi around me and how they are helping all biomass(coming soon), truly inspires me. I didn’t think before almost a year ago that anyone was performing anything more than a long con in the world of conservation. Crypto might just be changing my mind and point of view on how dystopian the future seemed.

Remember that Publishing Guild? Guess who seems to like the coming holiday? Not just me it seems. Let’s face it, I’m not the only one who grew up singing Nightmare Before Christmas… I think. I haven’t really asked yet, but I’m not the only Burton kid that’s for sure. We have… well, the team has suggested I start recording my work from now on as an accompaniment or possible supplement to the text. As per the norm, I was dubious. But I don’t like turning down an offer like that from someone who clearly wishes to better my future work. I threw something into my laptop for 6 minutes and gave it to my crew. The next day they had a sweet mockup of the NFT that would house the recording, complete with title poster. They apologized that they were missing my logo, as if I wasn’t already blown away by their effort. Imagine that, me… my own logo…

Metaverse has been another story. I’ve been struggling but attempting all the same. A meme page on instagram I frequent said “you miss all the shots you don’t take”, which normally would be encouraging if I had not kept missing this many shots. The task I’ve agreed to has been slightly more of an ordeal to secure than once believed. Ironically enough, the reason for this is not even in the same ballpark as the ones I anticipated would be culpable for it. Technical difficulties. More than once. How delightfully banal. I’d laugh if it wasn’t for a grade, so to speak. “I’m doing what i can” doesn’t even satisfy ME as an answer, probably because to me it’s not. Excuses are some trivial rationalizations that don’t satisfy, they’re without substance.

I’ve worked on things literally and figuratively. My muscles are sore, I’m sleepy but rested deeply. I’m symptomatic but I’m holding it at bay. Basically, I’m keeping on. I was certain by now if I continued to lack the capacity to weather these storms seamlessly, I’d have just quit… if you catch my drift. I’m not staunchly resisting, but I don’t quite believe I’ve given all there is. Certainly not to the degree that I’m willing to not seek to persevere. Get After It, Stay Hard.. according to David Goggins that is. Roger that.


Woodward Forest-Lich



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