NEAR-ly Withdrawn

A Lanister always pays his debts… - Game of Thrones

I'm pulling out the war-chest. What little of it I have accumulated to pull out, that is. Suffice it to say I haven't made a fortune, I have earned a few bounties in rewards though. Luckily for me, it is enough for me to survive this month almost entirely on crypto based income. Typing that out now, it seems more impressive than it feels at the moment. I will concede that could be attributed to the fact that said savings has gone almost entirely into bills… hurrah for capitalism!

Ok, it's not a real war-chest. Not by my standard anyway; my idea of an emergency box would have more weapons, passports and orders of magnitude more cash and assets. But hey I'm currently still a small twig in a large forest… so I'll chalk it up to these conditions that I'm not where I'd like. All the same, funds are needed. But there's one small problem: I've kinda, sorta, never used any method to extract funds from my NEAR apps and wallet into any other medium before. I know, I get it… "how on earth have I spent almost an entire year knowing about this paradigm without bothering to learn that at some point"? Truth be told, I didn't think I'd be required to extract at any point this soon.

NEAR itself is a wallet I never got used to wielding… in fairness I grew into the crypto world using third party trading software. That enabled me to be UX focused, not so much adaptable in nature. While I became quite well traveled in the workings of the applications, I saw no need to pull my funds from where they were doing so well. These last few months though… well I'd say they're not more of the same, but I'd be full of it. One thing that endures is hard people, or at least those hard enough to find ways to traverse the difficult times. So in these moments, resourcefulness and adaptability reign supreme. is one of the many apps I've used. No, I won't tag or plug them as I'm not affiliated with nor endorse them overtly in any way, they're simply a tool I used out of necessity. Given my obvious apprehension at taking my money out of Burrow(which has been SO good to me over time) in the first place, you can imagine I truly did not wish to test how many things could crash on me outside the ecosystem. I'd tampered with it before so I wasn't absolutely foreign; the feeling of dread still creeps up on me right now thinking about it, but it was more simple than I'd believed it to be. It's possible that I entered this realm of my newfound world at a time where integration had become so pervasive, my ease of use was a symptom of the modernity of crypto to the common consumer. Copy, paste, follow some paths in the sphere and you'll get what and where you need. Getting it out… that was harder; says it'll take 3 to 5 business days to extract my liquidated cash into my bank using the app. But we can do better than that can't we? Sure we can, Nemo!

Coinbase was my next best play back when I was trying to make my pennies every hour at the beginning. So there I return, to familiar territory. It operates under similar parameters, copy/paste data and wait. I've used it many times to enter and withdraw funds, so I converted my NEAR tokens into USDC and confirmed my transfer… One hitch though. wouldn't allow me to link it with the other app and wire it concurrently, safety protocol. while I can't knock their mindfulness, I'm waiting 24 hours until that clears too.

Ideally this should be resolved soon, one way or another. If it's not… I guess I'll let you know how I solved that problem, should it occur. I'll figure it out either way, I always have…


Woodward Forest-Lich



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