NEARly Interviewed

It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask… - Bane, "The Dark Knight Rises"

Should I take this seriously? NAH. No way, right Nemo?! I'm getting Punk'd, where's Ashton running in with the trucker hat trying to plug Acorns? Nothing…? OK, fine. I'll take the idea of me being interviewed for anything but a gag-reel, as conceivable. Fluff pieces and the like are for a particular grade of individual(outside of satire and patronization), and I've never been one to attract or court attention for positive ends.

Should I do it? Nope! Or, that was the first answer in my head. I don't do well in things with focus on me, or with public speaking, or with people. The idea of having to make every major point reflect back to the subject of me, began to pre-traumatize me. The Guy Fawkes mask was intentionally chosen; the anonymity, the populist/nerdy ideals, the random factoid that I joined NEAR in November… Suffice it to say, I'm not a fan of letting whatever benevolent gains I've helped create in this realm be ruined by the person. I wanted more than anything for this to speak for itself, not to be represented or a representative of any other aspects of my life. I'm an introvert, and not remarkable, and not even very nice. I'm peacefully cognizant of my personality, Pobody's Nerfect… Doesn't mean that's something you showcase to the internet, it NEVER forgets….

Should I care? Well I guess I already do, given how much thought I've put into it. I would be prudent to not heed the thoughts in my head, it's wiser by miles for a multitude of valid arguments. There I sat all the same, pondering mutely. I tend to evoke the virtue of blank detachment quite seamlessly in most circumstances, proudly so; it takes a lot of studying to notice me when the stoicism is failing. It's just as well, as I'm not a fan of the moments I crumble.

Should I clean up for this? I tend to alter my aesthetic for no one's sake; I've had no regard for how I look, lest it interfere overtly with how I live daily. If I don't mind, it should never matter. But do I mind…? The web IS forever, and Web3 could potentially be enduring unto the coming of Skynet to dethrone humanity. Last thing I need is for this to get pulled from my past and be a major source of lulz on its account, all on account of my refusal to simply make an exception. I've made the exception of adjusting myself for the sake of another less than a handful of times, I think. Screw it… anything for the chain, right?

Should I reschedule? Should I just back out now? My idol is called the Man Without Fear; I've always found it ironic, how people I look up to are opposed to what I myself exhibit IRL. I wonder if that's true for others, I wouldn't know as I don't go out there long enough to ask people. I do know we uplift the symbols we ourselves identify with -to some degree or another-, that's perfectly human to the point we have religions based on it. Am I so daunted by the idea of all that could be disastrously wrong, I quiver in the face of it before anything has transpired? FUCK THAT, Nemo! If I'm going to be remembered, it will not have been for backing out of yet another thing I couldn't bear to see through to the end.

Deep breath. Deeper breath. Wait no, that's from "Entropy".
Slight pause, inhale my vaporizer…
"Here we go… " I utter.

Thank you for having me: in your DAO, in your interview, in your Metaverse and Campfire. If you want to know what happened or how it went, well I don't know really. I can't say, and I could be wrong and compromised by it. You'll have to watch it and determine it on your own…


Woodward Forest-Lich



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