I Wish I Was NEAR San Diego…

Location, Location, Location… - Harold Samuel, 1944

I've never liked living here, not really. I heard in a TV show based on a comic I love, that you can tell almost immediately upon exposure to a place whether or not you'll be happy; anything longer than a few days is simply growing accustomed to tolerating what one dislikes. That's why I rarely claim Miami as home, especially considering I'm in NO WAY a reflection of it in any sense: I'm not the culture, I'm not the mentality, I barely even look like I live there. Everyone who worships the place kept insisting I leave, lest I ruin their "vibe" in paradise… so I did. Until I moved home to Colorado, I didn't think I belonged anywhere… Then I was left for the best four years of my life, in the middle of nowhere on the frozen mountains. The opposite of Florida: and it was GLORIOUS.

But before this exodus, I - like most kids who didn't fit in - dream of going west, Californee-way. Today more than ever that becomes true, because one of my talented brilliant masterminds of NxP will almost single handedly represent our publishing nexus in SDNFTCON(San diego nft con). I'm sure that must be a blast, I can already picture me blasting Kendrick and The Eagles as I cruise past the Whiskey on my way to hang out and meet people! But that's a silly fantasy.

Back in the reality of the Forest, we keep spreading roots and watch as everyone catches our voices in the wind. Green Embassy for example is a Kenyan organization seeking to empower youths to serve their communities through sustainable environmental management. The organization was founded back in 2019 by Raychelle, a then second-year student at Egerton University with a passion for ecological conservation who was inspired by similar social movements in the past. Wildsense is another friend we made, using remote sensing solutions with operations in Europe and Central America; I always have a soft spot for groups trying to help nature in my mother's home. The firm specializes in the use of remote sensing technologies, including satellite and AI models, to monitor the health of forest projects. OFP also hosted a forest photo contest for minor rewards but seeing all that art of the Green left a smile in my minds ridges. The Green gets greener!

NxP has been busy and silent at the same time… you KNOW it's crunch time when today talkative folks go mute, for the whole day! The musician is writing and composing both visual and auditory art for the masses, the physical liaison is practically married to the office right now as the printers and blueprints fly day and night. The artist is flexing every muscle in his political and PR clout to make sure everyone and everything sees our flag flying at every step of each iota of the process in making this happen, short of grabbing someone by the head to make them see us has been done.

Me? Well… I mean the galaxy isn't going to save itself! Staying home is quite the sacrifice when you're becoming a Pokémon master, either. It's taking me hours between grinding my Pokémon to level 40 before my third gym, while climbing out of Gold solo healing in OW; now I'm trying to slay the Witch Queen before she steals our future…Maybe even the Travelers Light. See? I haven't had a second to breathe at all, I'm busy as all heck these days..

PLUS I'm trying to catch up on my Daredevil comics… did you know Elektra dated Stephen Strange and became Daredevil? How cool is that!? I've been missing out on that end… I'd say more but I have to get back to the Promised Neverland man I'm so hard working… see ya!


Woodward Forest-Lich


… My origin chapters begin soon…



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