Fortune Favors the Bold

Woodward Forest-Lich
2 min readJun 18, 2022


Never ask for reprieve, instead wish for strength… — Me

This isn’t my typical cynical nature speaking, even though I do attest you’re not at fault for believing so. My mantra stems not from my usual lack of faith in things improving, but more in personal experience and the inner strength I found through my travels. When times became nigh unfathomably hard — to the point where the stress suffocates -, I would look up to the stars above from wherever I’d be… cursing the gods for my misfortune. After the stages of grief led to the bargaining phase I, like many others before, pleaded with the universe to take my plight from me. I’d be better, I’d learn from my mistakes, all to ease and unburden my soul. When my cries fell on a deaf and silent wind too many times, I decided to find an alternative solution.

In my days spent or wasted(depending on whom you ask) seeking answers for the mute indifference of the world, I saw many more like me who felt ignored by the gods. Many had worse hands than the one I’d been dealt, others not so much. But among those I’d respected — alive or otherwise -, they all possessed a point of view I lacked at that time…

Hard times do not persist in perpetuity, but hard people certainly do.

Even when we are dust and our names are naught but pages in the history texts, how we persevere and endure in times of tribulation and adversity survive us. Our steadfast nature in the face of hardship can outlive our flesh and be that by which we are remembered beyond life.

Throughout history there have been many individuals, some I greatly admire, who asserted the idea that saving oneself is the true nature of things. I began to seek help within, rather than scrambling for solutions without. While some moments have been fruitless all the same, the self reliance and accountability I have gained from possessing the fortitude to believe that no one will save me has helped me thrive. It’s not a perfect system, but I’ve learned that when it feels like all is lost, faith that you can survive without an Ex Machina is a far grander lesson than waiting for salvation. That is the true meaning, at least to me, of inner strength.

With that I offer my motto, Fortune Favors the Bold. Bravery is not in my nature, not inherently. But despite my lack of chivalrous courage, I chose to remain unbowed. My drive to demonstrate fortitude in the face of even crippling odds or circumstances are the only salvation I can expect, and it’s the only poultice I need. The will to not break, regardless or obstacles, is my panacea for the trials of life.